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Switch Channel Strings and Switch Relay Strings

Last Modified: October 17, 2018

Switch channel strings and switch relay strings identify a specific channel or relay of a switch. These strings are typically used when an operation or query is performed on the switch-connect, disconnect, find path, and so on. These strings are constructed in very similar fashions.

A switch channel or relay string can be either of the following:
  • A combination of the switch device/channel name or a switch device/relay name (for example, Dev1/ch0).
  • A switch relay name without the switch channel name (for example, ch0). This syntax is only valid as a shortcut and can only be used if a string with a switch device/channel name or a switch device/relay name (as shown above) was previously used to specify a device.

You can find the switch channels and switch relay strings in LabVIEW and LabWindows/CVI from the switch I/O name control. The name control should list valid channel/relay names for your current switch hardware configuration.

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