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    Last Modified: May 21, 2018

    Indicates the product category of the device. This category corresponds to the category displayed in MAX when creating NI-DAQmx simulated devices.

    Data type: datatype_icon

    Name Value Description
    M Series DAQ 14643 M Series DAQ.
    X Series DAQ 15858 X Series DAQ.
    E Series DAQ 14642 E Series DAQ.
    S Series DAQ 14644 S Series DAQ.
    B Series DAQ 14662 B Series DAQ.
    SC Series DAQ 14645 SC Series DAQ.
    USB DAQ 14646 USB DAQ.
    AO Series 14647 AO Series.
    Digital I/O 14648 Digital I/O.
    TIO Series 14661 TIO Series.
    Dynamic Signal Acquisition 14649 Dynamic Signal Acquisition.
    Switches 14650 Switches.
    CompactDAQ Chassis 14658 CompactDAQ chassis.
    C Series Module 14659 C Series I/O module.
    SCXI Module 14660 SCXI module.
    SCC Connector Block 14704 SCC Connector Block.
    SCC Module 14705 SCC Module.
    NI ELVIS 14755 NI ELVIS.
    Network DAQ 14829 Network DAQ.
    SC Express 15886 SC Express.
    Unknown 12588 Unknown category.

    Long Name: Device:Identification:Product Category

    Class: DAQmx Device

    Permissions: Read

    Where This Property Is Available:

    Desktop OS: Windows


    Web Server: Not supported in VIs that run in a web application

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