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Writing Data to TEDS Sensors

Last Modified: November 16, 2017

Use the Write TEDS Data function/VI to write data to a TEDS sensor. The TEDS data must be in a virtual TEDS file or in a bitstream constructed according to the IEEE 1451.4 specification.

National Instruments provides a LabVIEW library for viewing and editing TEDS bitstreams and virtual TEDS files. You can download the TEDS Library for LabVIEW at

Basic TEDS Data

Some TEDS sensors include a PROM, to which you can write data one time. When you write TEDS data, you can choose to write basic TEDS data to the PROM or to the EEPROM. Basic TEDS data includes the manufacturer ID, model number, serial number, version number, and version letter. If you write basic TEDS data to the PROM, the Write TEDS Data function/VI returns an error if you later attempt to write basic TEDS data to the EEPROM.

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