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Initialized States for Terminals and Output Channels

Last Modified: November 16, 2017

When you use MAX or the NI-DAQmx API to reset a device, NI-DAQmx sets terminals and output channels to an initialized state.

  • Digital I/O Lines

    NI-DAQmx sets all digital I/O lines to the configured power-up state. NI-DAQmx tristates all digital I/O lines on devices that do not support configurable power-up states. NI-DAQmx outputs 0 on all digital output-only lines on devices that do not support configurable power-up states.

  • PFI Lines

    NI-DAQmx tristates all PFI lines, unless they are also digital I/O lines. In that case, the digital I/O line behavior applies.

  • AO Channels

    On E Series, S Series, and AO Series devices, NI-DAQmx does not alter the AO channels. They continue to generate the DC voltage you last set them to.

    With static AO devices, all voltage outputs are at their user-defined values to full accuracy within 1 s of power-up device reset. Before this time, the voltage outputs can float to unspecified values.

    On DSA devices, NI-DAQmx sets all AO channels to high impedance.

    On M Series, C Series, and X Series, the AO channels are set to 0 Volts.

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