Table Of Contents

Hardware Overview

    Last Modified: October 31, 2019

    The mmWave OTA Validation Test Reference Architecture comprises the following hardware:

    • mmWave OTA Validation Anechoic Chamber
    • mmWave OTA Validation Accessories Kit
    • Instrumentation
      • PXIe-5831 Vector Signal Transceiver—IF and mmWave instrument configuration with two mmRH-5582 mmWave Radio Heads (direct TRX ports only)
      • PXIe-6361 Multifunction I/O Module
      • PXIe-1092 or PXIe-1095 PXI Chassis

    This manual contains only detailed reference information for using the mmWave OTA Validation Anechoic Chamber with the instrumentation. Refer to the documentation for the individual instruments for basic information about installation, configuration, and operation of each instrument.


    Refer to the documentation included with the mmWave OTA Validation Anechoic Chamber for safety requirements and maintenance information.

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