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Creating Controls Dynamically on a Panel

    Last Modified: January 29, 2018

    G Types allow you to reuse controls throughout your project. You can use G Types to create and delete controls dynamically at run time.

    What to Use

    What to Do

    Create the following diagram to create and delete controls at run time.

    Create a control on the panel according to the specified x and y positions. Select the Create Dynamic Control node and use the Data type option on the Item tab to specify the G Type that contains the control.

    The Create Dynamic Control node also returns a reference to the control.

    Wait for 500 milliseconds before executing the next subdiagram.

    You can add a Property Node to change the properties of the control.

    Delete the control from the panel.

    Repeat the subdiagram for ten times. The shift registers pass the x position value from one iteration to the next.

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