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Repeating Operations

Last Modified: January 24, 2019

When building an application, you may need to repeat code a set number of times or until a specified condition is met. For example, you may have a section of code that you know you want to run three times. You may want your code to keep running until a user clicks a stop button. You can use loops to do this.

A loop is a programming element that executes the same code multiple times, or iterations.

Types of Loops

You can use the following loops to repeat code in G Dataflow: a For Loop and a While Loop.

Loop Behavior Example Diagram
For Loop Repeats the code inside the loop for a set number of iterations. Generate five random numbers between 1 and 10.
While Loop Repeats the code inside the loop until a specified condition is met. Continue rolling a die until the value of the die is 6.

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