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Criteria for Device Matching in SystemDesigner

Last Modified: January 2, 2018

If SystemDesigner does not identify a live hardware match for a device in your project, verify that the device on the Design diagram meets the criteria to match with the device on the Live diagram.

The following device characteristics must match on both the Design view and Live view before SystemDesigner can identify a match.

Matching Criteria Troubleshooting Information
Device model Search for the correct model on the Design view palette and the Model drop-down menu in the Identity section of the Item tab.
Device name Use the Device name field in the Identity section of the Item tab to change the name of a device on the Design diagram.
Order of controllers and modules inside a chassis If a device is partially matched, click Update modules in chassis on the Item tab to update the order of the modules in the chassis to match the corresponding live chassis. This button only appears when Sync is set to Enable hardware matching.
Device port connections Port connections must be identical to the device on the Live diagram.

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