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Matching and Linking a Device Between Live and Design Views

Last Modified: January 2, 2018

Create a link between a Live view device and a Design view device to apply changes to the live device when you change the device in the Design view.

SystemDesigner must find a matching device on the Live view and Design view before it can create a link between devices. After it finds a match, SystemDesigner can automatically create a link between the matching devices.

Complete the following process to configure a device on the Design view to match and link with a device on the Live view.

  1. On the Design view, select the device you want to link. If the device is not already on the Design view, find it on the palette and add it to the Design view.
  2. On the Item tab, select Link when matched from the Link preference drop-down menu.
  3. Configure the device on the Design view to match the device on the Live view.
    1. Select the device and enter a new value in the Device name field under the Identity section of the Item tab.

      Typically, the Device name is the only property of a live device that you can modify in SystemDesigner. All other attributes of a device on the Live view match the configuration of the live or simulated device.

    2. Ensure that the model of the device on the Design view matches the Live view device model. If the Design view device model does not match, search the Design view palette for the correct device model.
    3. Configure the arrangement of modules inside the chassis. If a device is partially matched, select the device and click Update Modules on the Item tab. The modules in the chassis update to match the Live view chassis configuration.
    4. Connect device ports to other devices in the system.

    To guarantee a match between devices, configure the device on the Design view in exactly the same way as the device on the Live view.

After you link the devices, the changes that you make to the device on the Design view apply to the Live view device as well.

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