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Distributing Applications and Libraries

Last Modified: March 13, 2018

Use a Distribution document (.lvdist) to distribute your applications and libraries.


In LabVIEW NXG 2.0, you can distribute only applications by using the Distribution document.

  1. Click File»New»Distribution. The Distribution document opens and appears in the project.
  2. On the Document tab, choose the target on which to build the distribution in Build target.
  3. In the Distribution document, click the Add Application/Library button.
  4. In the Add Application/Library dialog box, place a checkmark next to the application you want to distribute. Click OK.
  5. Optional: Click the Add Other File Member button to add other files.
  6. Optional: Click Calculate Dependencies to add run-time dependencies that your application requires.
  7. On the Document tab, enter values in Company and Product.
  8. In Output path, set the location to save the distribution output.
  9. In the NI Package section, enter information about the distribution output.
  10. Click File»Save all to save all files.
  11. Click Build distribution. The Build Queue tab shows the status of the build process.

Click Locate item in Windows Explorer ( ) to locate the distribution in the output directory. You can distribute your software content using NI Package Manager or other distribution channels.

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