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    Last Modified: December 16, 2016

    Generates or manipulates polynomials and polynomial roots.

    Creates a polynomial with roots represented by an input vector or computes the characteristic polynomial of an input matrix.
    Constructs a piecewise polynomial.
    Generates a piecewise cubic Hermitian polynomial.
    Generates the symbolic derivative of a polynomial or rational polynomial.
    Solves the polynomial eigenvalue problem of degree n: (a0+ lambda*a1+...+ lambda^ n*an)* x = 0.
    Computes a polynomial of a specified degree that fits the input data using the least-squares method.
    Evaluates a polynomial at values you specify.
    Computes the partial fraction expansion of two polynomials, or transforms a given partial fraction expansion into the original polynomial representation.
    Computes the roots of a polynomial.

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