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filter implementation

    Last Modified: December 16, 2016

    Filters signals.

    Computes a bilinear transform with optional frequency prewarping.
    Applies a two-dimensional convolution.
    Computes the convolution of two vectors.
    Computes the circular convolution of two input vectors.
    Computes the deconvolution of the input vectors.
    Applies a one-dimensional filter of the input over the specific dimension.
    Applies a two-dimensional FIR filter.
    Uses FFT-filter coefficients to filter a signal.
    Applies a digital filter whose impulse response equals the impulse response of an analog filter.
    Uses a lattice filter to filter a signal.
    Applies a one-dimensional median filter of order n.
    Applies a raised cosine filter.
    Applies a Savitzky-Golay FIR smoothing filter.
    Applies a second-order section filter.
    Applies a one-dimensional zero-phase filter.
    Returns the initial conditions for a transposed direct-form II filter.
    Decodes quantized integer inputs to floating-point outputs.
    Uses quantization to convert floating-point inputs to integer outputs.

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