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Shared Library Interfaces

    Last Modified: January 4, 2018

    When you want to use code from another programming language, such as C, in your G Dataflow application, you use a Shared Library Interface (SLI). An SLI is a file in which you define calls to a shared library.

    An SLI connects your G Dataflow application to a shared library which contains executable programming modules written in another programming language. Use an SLI in your application to create entry points, or defined calls, to these portions of external code.

    Visual representations of entry points appear on the software palette on the diagram. You can place and wire entry points like nodes.

    As the application executes, the SLI calls the function in the external code. Input data passes from the diagram to the external code, and data returns from the external code to the diagram.

    Shared Library Terminology on Different Operating Systems

    Use the following table to determine what a shared library is called on your operating system.

    Operating System Terminology
    Windows DLL
    Linux Shared library
    OS X Dynamic library


    Search within the programming environment to access the following installed example: External Code (DLL) Execution.

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