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Profiling Code to Convert to Fixed-Point

Last Modified: August 13, 2018

Profile a design to display fixed-point conversion metrics that you use to analyze and adjust data types when converting to fixed-point. When you profile code, the Convert to Fixed-Point tab displays a table of all convertible objects, the data types of those objects, and details to help you configure fixed-point data types that meet your design requirements.

Before you profile the code you plan to convert, make sure that you have already set up a testbench, copied the hierarchy of code you want to convert, and added the code to the testbench. Refer to Adapting a Testbench for Fixed-Point Conversion for help creating a copy of the code you want to convert and setting up your testbench.

  1. From the diagram of your testbench VI, double-click the node you want to convert and navigate to the diagram.
  2. In the Profiling section of the Document tab, enable Profile fixed-point data to display profile data in the Convert to Fixed-Point tab.

    If you have not saved the project, the Profile fixed-point data button is disabled. Make sure you have saved the project before proceeding with this lesson.

    The values in this tab will update as you continue the fixed-point conversion process.

After you profile the design, choose a fixed-point conversion strategy.

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