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Visualizing Hardware and Software Relationships in SystemDesigner

Last Modified: January 2, 2018

SystemDesigner provides a visual representation of the hardware in a system and the software targeted to specific devices in the system. Use SystemDesigner to view the live hardware in your system, design a system using hardware you do and do not own, and target software components to specific devices in the system.

Every project contains a SystemDesigner document directly under the project item on the Project Files tab. You cannot remove or exclude the SystemDesigner document from a project, and the document does not appear in the project source file location on your computer.

The following image highlights parts of the editor you use to view or design a system, and configure properties of devices in the system.

  1. Editor selector—View all live hardware currently connected to your system on the Live view, or create a system of devices on the Design view.
  2. Palette—Use the palettes to find unplaced live hardware, browse the hardware catalog for devices you want to explore, or create documentation for the system you design.
  3. View selector—Explore your hardware visually as a system-level diagram that displays the relationship between devices in your project, as a table of devices, software, and device resources, or a split view of both.
  4. Configuration pane—Configure devices and resources in your project using context-sensitive options.

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