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Boolean Array to Digital (Digital Waveform) (G Dataflow)

    Last Modified: January 12, 2018

    Converts a 2D Boolean array to a digital waveform.


    compress data

    Boolean that specifies whether to compress the digital output.

    Default: False


    boolean array

    2D Boolean array you want to convert.

    Default: False


    sample rate

    Frequency in samples per second of the digital waveform output.

    Default: 1000



    Enum that specifies whether to perform the conversion on the data with the least significant bit (LSB) first or most significant bit (MSB) first.This input determines the order of the digital data output by the node.

    Name Description
    LSB First The conversion is performed on the least significant bit first.
    MSB First The conversion is performed on the most significant bit first.

    Default: LSB First


    digital waveform

    Converted digital waveform. The order of the digital data in this output reflects the bit direction selected in mode.

    Where This Node Can Run:

    Desktop OS: Windows

    FPGA: Not supported

    Web Server: Not supported in VIs that run in a web application

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