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Setting up an FPGA Compile Server

Last Modified: January 11, 2018

An FPGA compile server is a computer that receives compile requests from the development computer and distributes compile jobs among compile workers. The compile server can be the development computer or a remote computer in the same network as the development computer.


If you are setting up a remote computer to be the compile server but your FPGA code includes Xilinx IP simulation, multirate dataflow, or optimized FPGA VIs, you must also set up the development computer as a compile server to process that part of the code.

Complete the following steps to set up a computer to be the compile server:

  1. Optional: If you are setting up a remote computer to be the compile server, ensure that the remote computer has the same development environment as the development computer.
  2. Click Start»All Programs»National Instruments»NI Web Server Configuration to launch NI Web Server Configuration.
  3. Follow the guided setup window to configure NI Web Server.

After you set up a compile server, connect the development computer to the compile server by entering the server information on the FPGA compiler tab of the Preferences dialog box accessible from File»Preferences on the development computer. You must also set up one or multiple compile workers to receive compile requests from the compile server.

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