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Differences in the Editor between Multirate Dataflow and G Dataflow

Last Modified: February 16, 2016

The editor options for a Multirate diagram differ from the editor options for a VI.

Open a Multirate diagram to view the editor.

The Multirate diagram editor differs from the VI editor in the following ways:

  1. The Multirate diagram palette provides signal processing and stream manipulation nodes not found on the VI diagram palette. The Multirate diagram palette also omits loops, structures, and certain nodes, such as string, cluster, and timing nodes, that are not supported on an FPGA or are too resource intensive for use on an FPGA. Multirate diagram nodes have green backgrounds instead of yellow.
  2. Simulation options allow you to modify how the diagram simulates data.
  3. The view selector contains a tab only for the diagram. The Multirate diagram editor has no panel.
  4. Additional annotation options allow you to display code properties on the diagram.
  5. Design properties allow you to view and set clock rate and pipelining properties.

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