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Profiling Code to Convert to Fixed-Point

Last Modified: January 11, 2018

Profile a design to display fixed-point conversion metrics that you use to analyze and adjust data types when converting to fixed-point. When you profile code, the Convert to Fixed-Point tab displays a table of all convertible objects, the data types of those objects, and details to help you configure fixed-point data types that meet your design requirements.

Before you profile the code you plan to convert, make sure that you have already copied the hierarchy of code you want to convert and added it to the testbench. Refer to Adapting a Testbench for Fixed-Point Conversion for help creating a copy of the code you want to convert and setting up your testbench.

  1. From the diagram of your testbench VI, double-click the node you want to convert and navigate to the diagram.
  2. In the Behavior section of the Document tab, click Profile Fixed-Point Data to display profile data in the Convert to Fixed-Point tab.

    If you have not saved the project, the Profile Fixed-Point Data button is disabled. Make sure you have saved the project before proceeding with this lesson.

    The values in this tab will update as you continue the fixed-point conversion process.

After you profile the design, choose a fixed-point conversion strategy.

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