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Using Analysis Panels to Process Data

Last Modified: November 24, 2016

You can better understand your data by using analysis panels to apply filters, frequency domain transfers, and statistical analysis to data sets. Each analysis panel enables you to select a data channel, apply an analysis function, and capture results.

You can select from the following analysis panels:

  • Curve Fit— Finds the line that best represents an input signal or input data set using a specific fitting method.
  • Statistics— Performs statistical calculations on a signal.
  • Histogram— Finds the discrete histogram of a signal.
  • Amplitude Measurements— Performs peak amplitude measurement.
  • FFT Spectrum— Computes the averaged FFT spectrum of a signal.
  • Tone Measurements— Finds tones with specific amplitude and frequency parameters.
  • Pulse and Transition Measurements— Returns various measurements of a specific pulse in a periodic waveform or an array of periodic waveforms, such as the period, pulse duration, and duty cycle.
  • Limit Testing— Performs limit testing on a signal.
  • Filter— Applies a lowpass, highpass, bandpass, or bandstop filter to a signal.
  • Scaling and Mapping— Scales a signal based on a straight line.
  • Resample— Resamples a signal according to specific delay and sampling interval.
  • Signal Correlation— Computes the auto correlation of a signal or cross correlation of two signals.

You can open the Configured Code pane to view the programmatic implementation of your analysis panel. You can copy the code into a VI to automate the code.

Analysis panels support the following data types:

  • 1D array of single-precision, floating-point numbers
  • 1D array of double-precision, floating-point numbers
  • Analog waveform of single-precision, floating-point numbers
  • Analog waveform of double-precision, floating-point numbers

Resizing Data Sets to Open in Analysis Panels

If you need to open a large data set in an analysis panel, you must first trim the data to a smaller size.

Analysis panels have the following upper limits to the amount of data they can process:
  • 1 million samples per channel when you launch analysis panels from the Open Analysis Panel pull-down menu
  • 9 MB total file size when you select a data set from the Input Signal pull-down menu of an analysis panel

Complete the following steps to resize a data set:

  1. Open the data and use the thumbnail view to select a subset of the data.
  2. Click Crop to Frame to create a new capture of the subset. If the subset meets the upper limits criteria, you can open the subset in an analysis panel.

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