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Updates a specified ATR register state for advanced daughterboard power and mixer enable configuration. If you power the device off, you must reconfigure the LO using the Configure LO node.



is the channel to operate on. Valid options are rx/RF 0, rx/RF 1, tx/RF 0, and tx/RF 1. For this node, scope is used to determine which daughterboard to update the ATR state of and whether to update the power and mixer of Rx or Tx.


atr register

The specific ATR register to write to. The registers correspond to the four states each daughterboard supports. The daughterboard state is set based on whether Rx and Tx are enabled or disabled, using the Enable Front End node. It is safe to call the Enable Front End node after writing to the ATR registers.


power enable

The power state of Rx or Tx of the daughterboard.


mixer enable

The mixer enable for Rx or Tx of the daughterboard.


error in

Error conditions that occur before this node runs. The node responds to this input according to standard error behavior.

Default: no error


error out

Error information. The node produces this output according to standard error behavior.


niUsrpRio session

Object created by the Open node and used as the session handle for the USRP RIO nodes.


niUsrpRio session (out)

The niUsrpRio session used in all subsequent USRP RIO host nodes.