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Finds the eigenvalues and right eigenvectors of a square matrix.


input matrix

An n-by-n square matrix, where n is the number of rows and columns of input matrix.


matrix type

A value indicating whether the input matrix is general or symmetric/Hermitian. Specifying the type of input matrix can allow this node to execute more quickly by avoiding unnecessary computations. A symmetric/Hermitian matrix needs less computation than a general matrix.

General 0 A matrix that is not symmetric or Hermitian.
Symmetric or Hermitian 1

Specifies that input matrix is symmetric if it is real or Hermitian if it is complex.


output option

A value specifying whether this node computes eigenvectors.

eigenvalues 0

The node computes only the eigenvalues of the input matrix.

eigenvalues and vectors 1

The node computes both the eigenvalues and the eigenvectors of the input matrix.



A complex vector of n elements that contains all of the computed eigenvalues of the input matrix. The input matrix could have complex eigenvalues if it is not symmetric or Hermitian.



An n-by-n complex matrix containing all of the computed eigenvectors of the input matrix.

The ith column of this output is the eigenvector corresponding to the ith component of eigenvalues.

Each eigenvector is normalized so that its Euclidean norm equals 1.

If output option is set to eigenvalues, this output is an empty array.



A value that represents any error or warning that occurs when this node executes.