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Decimates the input sequence x by the decimating factor and the averaging Boolean control. Wire data to the x input to determine the instance to use.



The input sequence. The number of elements in x must be greater than or equal to the decimating factor.


decimating factor

The factor by which the node decimates input sequence x. decimating factor must be greater than zero. If decimating factor is greater than the number of elements in x or less than or equal to zero, this node sets decimated array to an empty array and returns an error.

Default: 1



A Boolean that determines the method the node uses to handle the data points in x.

TRUE Each output point in decimated array is the mean of the decimating factor input points.
FALSE The node keeps every decimating factor point from x.

Default: FALSE


decimated array

Decimated sequence of x.



A value that represents any error or warning that occurs when this node executes.