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The Multirate diagram provides unique probe options that allow you to visualize data and debug code. On a Multirate diagram, instead of adding a probe to a wire, you place a probe on the diagram and then connect a wire to the probe input.

Because the Multirate diagram has no panel, probes provide the most direct method of visualizing data. Probes appear and behave differently on the Multirate diagram than they do on the VI diagram.

The Debug palette provides two probe options:

  • Numeric Probe—Displays the last numeric value that a simulated Multirate diagram processes. Use Numeric Probes when you want to view only a single data value, such as when you want to verify the result of an operation or equation.
  • Chart Probe—Displays a chart of the simulated data that a Multirate diagram processes. The chart retains up to the number of data samples you specify in the History Size setting that appears on the ribbon when you select a Chart Probe. The Chart Probe includes a toolbar to the right of the chart to help you read chart data. Use Chart Probes when you want to view a stream of data values, such as when you want to view stream values or verify the result of operations that take place over multiple diagram iterations.