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MathScript is a text-based language equipped with a various number of built-in functions for performing mathematical, analysis, and signal processing calculations. Use the MathScript Node to write and execute MathScript code. You can also write user-defined functions in MathScript.

The following image shows an example of MathScript code.

  1. Wire—Data from your graphical program flows into input terminals that you create on the MathScript Node. To add an input terminal, right-click the node frame and select Create Input.
  2. Input terminal/Name of input terminal—To use the data from input terminals in the MathScript Node, refer to them by name in your code.
  3. Function—Enter the name of a built-in or user-defined function, followed by any inputs. Press Ctrl-Space inside the node to get an overview of all available functions.
  4. Output terminal/Name of output terminal—Assign the results of MathScript calculations to a new variable within the textual code. To use the value of this variable outside the MathScript Node, add an output terminal by right-clicking the node frame and selecting Create Output.
  5. Output values—You can use the values of the MathScript Node outputs in the rest of your graphical program.