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    Manipulates real and complex matrices.

    Concatenates arrays.
    Computes the complex conjugate transpose of a matrix.
    Computes the triangular Cholesky factor of a positive definite Hermitian matrix.
    Shifts the elements of an array of any dimension in a circular manner.
    Returns the condition number of a matrix with the singular value decomposition method.
    Computes the determinant of a square matrix.
    Computes a diagonal matrix or the diagonal of a matrix.
    Computes the eigenvalues and eigenvectors for real or complex square matrices.
    Returns the indexes of all non-zero elements in a matrix.
    Concatenates the input arrays horizontally.
    Flips a matrix from left to right.
    Flips a matrix from top to bottom.
    Computes the norm of a vector or matrix.
    Generates an orthonormal basis for the null space of a matrix.
    Returns the number of elements in an array of any dimension.
    Computes the pseudoinverse of a matrix.
    Computes the matrix power.
    Returns the rank of a matrix.
    Changes the dimensions of an input.
    Returns the dimensions of an input.
    Computes the sum of all diagonal elements in a matrix.
    Computes the non-conjugate transpose of a matrix.
    Concatenates the input arrays vertically.