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A document is anything in LabVIEW that can be opened, edited, and saved. Whether you are running an existing application or creating a new one, you must always begin by opening a LabVIEW document, such as a VI, and interacting with its contents.

The following image highlights the parts of the editor you use to open, access, and interact with a document in a LabVIEW project:

Files pane—Use this pane to open, create, and organize all the documents within a single project.
Document—After you open one or more documents, click one of these tabs to access the associated content.
View selector—Click these tabs to access the different parts of a single document. The panel shows the inputs and outputs, the diagram contains the code that runs, and the icon is where you configure the document to serve as a node on a diagram.
Run, pause, and abort buttons—Click these buttons to control the behavior of the code on the diagram. You can see the results of running the code on the panel.