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As you collect data from your device, you may want to create a custom display for that data. You can modify the panel of a document to create this custom display as well as to accept data from a user.

The following image highlights the parts of the editor that allow you to access and edit the panel of a document.

Panel selector—Displays the user interface, or panel, of a document in the workspace. The panel provides a location for accepting information from the user as well as displaying the results of the code.
Controls and Indicators—Objects you add to the panel that allow users to either enter or view data. Each control or indicator can accept or display a single type of data, such as a number, a True/False value, or a text string.
Palette—Organized hierarchy of all the controls and indicators you can add to the panel. To add an object from the palette to the panel, drag the object from the palette.
Configure tab—Provides options for customizing a selected control or indicator. The Configure tab appears only when you click on a control or indicator.