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If you want to analyze or process data in any way, you must create code on the diagram.

The following image highlights the parts of the editor you use to create code.

Diagram selector—Displays the diagram in the workspace. The diagram is the part of the editor where you create code using diagram objects.
Diagram objects—Nodes, wires, and other programming objects that, in combination, define the behavior of the program.
Palette—Organized hierarchy of all the nodes you can add to the diagram. The palette shows only objects that are available to use within the context that appears in the workspace. This is why the palette that appears for the diagram differs from the palette that appears for the panel. To add an object from the palette to the diagram, drag the object from the palette.
Configure tab—Provides options for customizing the behavior of a selected node. Like the Configure tab for a control, the Configure tab appears only when you click on a node.