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SubVIs simplify diagrams and allow you to reuse code. To make a subVI callable from other VIs within the same project, use the icon editor to customize the appearance and the inputs and outputs of the subVI.

What to Use

What to Do

Click Icon to display the icon editor in the workspace.
Select a template for the subVI terminal layout.

You can drag the bottom right corner of the icon to change the number of terminal selectors displayed.

Click a terminal selector to assign a control or indicator on the subVI panel or diagram to a specific input or output of the subVI.
Select a template for the icon. You can set a background color and choose whether to include the filename on the icon. You can also save your current design as a custom template.
Drag text and graphics from the palette to the icon to depict what your subVI does. After you add these elements to the icon, you can use the Configure tab on the ribbon to edit their properties. The palette is not available in List View.
Select the bottom Preview window to edit the icon in List View. Select the top Preview window to return to Icon View.
To use a VI as a subVI on another diagram, drag the VI from the Files pane to the other diagram and wire the input and output terminals.