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    Detects motion and motion adaptive noise reduction in video streams.You can use the motion detection function independently of the noise reduction function for applications where noise reduction is not needed. The noise reduction algorithm is implemented as a recursive temporal filter with a user-programmable transfer function that allows you to control both the shape of the motion transfer and the strength of the noise reduction applied. You can select either a parameterizable dynamically-configurable AXI4-Lite netlist or a Constant interface netlist. The AXI4-Lite core enables a microprocessor or external state-machine to program MANR parameters and load a Motion Transfer function in real time.

    Need License: Yes

    Interface: AXI4-Stream, AXI4-Lite


    Installed By: LabVIEW Communications System Design Suite (introduced in 1.0)

    Where This Node Can Run:

    Desktop OS: none

    FPGA: All devices