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    The NI PXIe-8135 has the following front-panel features:

    • A system reset pushbutton (press the button to reset the controller)
    • Two front panel LEDs that show PC status:
      • PWR OK/FAULT—Indicates the status of the controller. The LED indicates one of the following states:
        • Green ON steady—PXI Express and onboard power is on and within regulation limits.
        • Green BLINKING—The controller has entered the soft off state and is safe to power down.

          This status is only applicable when chassis is set to Manual.

        • Green FADING—The controller has entered the stand by (S3) state.
        • OFF—The controller is powered off.
        • Red BLINKING—The controller detected a power rail fault when trying to boot.
        • Red Solid—The controller detected a thermal fault and has shut down to protect the system.
      • DRIVE—Indicates when an access to the internal hard disk is occurring.
    • USER—Two bi-color green/yellow LEDs (USER1 and USER2) that you can define to meet the needs of your LabVIEW application.