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    The following figure shows the location and pinouts for the dual stacked Ethernet connector on the NI PXIe-8135. The following table lists and describes the Ethernet connector signals.

    AMP manufactures a mating connector, part number 554739-1.

    Figure 1. Ethernet Connector Location and Pinout
    Table 1. Ethernet Connector Signals
    Pin Fast Ethernet Gigabit Ethernet
    1 TX+ TX_A+
    2 TX- TX_A-
    3 RX+ RX_B+
    4 NC TX_C+
    5 NC TX_C-
    6 RX- RX_B-
    7 NC RX_D+
    8 NC RX_D-

    The Ethernet controllers can perform an automatic crossover, thus eliminating the need for crossover cables.

    Table 2. 10/100/1000 LAN Connector LED States
    LED Color LED State Condition
    ACT/LINK Green Off LAN link is not established.
    ACT/LINK Green On (steady state) LAN link is established.
    ACT/LINK Green On (brighter and pulsing) The controller is communicating with another computer on the LAN.
    10/100/1000 (None) Off 10 Mbit/sec data rate is selected.
    10/100/1000 Green On 100 Mbit/sec data rate is selected.
    10/100/1000 Amber On 1000 Mbit/sec data rate is selected.