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    The NI PXIe-8133 controller is equipped with an ExpressCard/34 slot on the front panel, which provides I/O expansion and options for removable storage.

    The following figure shows the location and pinouts for the ExpressCard/34 slot on the NI PXIe-8133. The following table lists and describes the ExpressCard connector signals.

    Figure 1. ExpressCard/34 Slot Location and Pinout
    Table 1. ExpressCard Connector Signals
    Pin Signal Name Signal Description
    1 GND Ground
    2 USBD– USB Data –
    3 USBD+ USB Data +
    4 CPUSB# USB Presence
    5 RESERVED Reserved by spec for future use
    6 RESERVED Reserved by spec for future use
    7 SMBCLK SMBus Clock
    8 SMBDATA SMBus Data
    9 +1.5V Power
    10 +1.5V Power
    11 WAKE# PE Wake
    12 +3.3VAUX Power
    13 PERST# PE Reset
    14 +3.3V Power
    15 +3.3V Power
    16 CLKREQ# Clock Request
    17 CPPE# PE Presence
    18 REFCLK– Reference Clock –
    19 REFCLK+ Reference Clock +
    20 GND Ground
    21 PERn0 PE Data Receive -
    22 PERp0 PE Data Receive +
    23 GND Ground
    24 PETn0 PE Data Transmit -
    25 PETp0 PE Data Transmit +
    26 GND Ground

    The pound symbol (#) indicates an active low signal.