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    The following figure shows the location and pinouts for the COM1 connector on the NI PXIe-8133. The following table lists and describes the COM1 connector signal.

    AMP manufactures a serial port mating connector, part number 745491-5.

    Figure 1. COM1 Connector Signals
    Table 1. COM1 Connector Signals
    Pin Signal Name Signal Description
    1 DCD# Data Carrier Detect
    2 RXD# Receive Data
    3 TXD# Transmit Data
    4 DTR# Data Terminal Ready
    5 GND Ground
    6 DSR# Data Set Ready
    7 RTS# Ready to Send
    8 CTS# Clear to Send
    9 RI# Ring Indicator

    The pound symbol (#) indicates an active low signal.