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    Oscillator type Fixed frequency synthesizer
    Frequency )default) 1 GHz
    Reference spurs <60 dBc
    Phase noise
    10 kHz offset -95 dBc/Hz
    100 kHz offset -115 dBc/Hz
    Clock distribution part number AD9512 [1]
    Reference Clock sources Internal, External through the CLK IN connector, or IoModSyncClock [2]
    Internal reference type TCXO
    Internal reference stability ±1 ppm
    Internal reference frequency (default) 10 MHz
    Internal reference phase noise
    1 kHz offset -137 dBc/Hz
    10 kHz offset -150 dBc/Hz
    100 kHz offset -155 dBc/Hz
    • 1 For additional information about the AD9512, refer to the Analog Devices device data sheet at www.analog.com.
    • 2 IoModSyncClock is available only on NI PXIe-796xR FPGA modules.