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    Number of channels Two
    Connector type SMA
    Input type Single-ended, simultaneously sampled or time-interleaved sampled (TIS)
    Input impedance [1] 50 Ω, per connector
    Input coupling AC (-01L version); DC (-02L version)
    Digital data resolution 12-bit, signed, binary data [2]
    ADC part number ADC12D800RF [3]
    Absolute maximum voltage ±10 VDC, +21 dBm (7.1 Vpk-pk)
    • 1 Refer to Figures 8 and 9 for analog input return loss and VSWR.
    • 2 Data is accessed using an I16 data type (left-justified).
    • 3 For additional information about the ADC within your device, use the listed part number to locate the appropriate Texas Instruments data sheet at www.ti.com.