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    The following table shows the front panel connector and signal descriptions for the NI 5771.


    To avoid permanent damage to the NI 5771, disconnect all signals connected to the NI 5771 before powering down the module, and connect signals only after the adapter module has been powered on by the NI FlexRIO FPGA module.

    Device Front Panel Connector Signal Description
    CLK IN External clock input, 50 Ω, single-ended (SE).
    CLK OUT Exported clock output.
    REF IN Reference clock input, 50 Ω, SE.
    AI 0 Analog input channel 0, 50 Ω, SE.
    AI 1 Analog input channel 1, 50 Ω, SE.
    TRIG Trigger input and output channel.
    AUX I/O Refer to the table below for the signal list and descriptions.

    Connections that exceed any of the maximum ratings of any connector on the NI 5771R can damage the device and the chassis. NI is not liable for any damage resulting from such connections.

    For more detailed information about the NI 5771 front panel connectors, refer to the NI 5771R Specifications.