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    Standard chassis dimensions
    Height 6.97 in. (177.1 mm)
    Width 10.68 in. (271.4 mm)
    Depth 15.61 in. (396.5 mm)

    0.57 in. (14.5 mm) is added to height when feet are installed. When tilted with front feet extended on table top, height is increased approximately 2.08 in. (52.8 mm) in front and 0.583 in. (14.8 mm) in rear.

    Weight 19.4 lb (8.8 kg)
    Chassis materials Sheet Aluminum (5052-H32, 3003-H14, and 6061-T6), Extruded Aluminum (6060-T6), and Cold Rolled Steel, PC-ABS, Santoprene, Nylon
    Finish Conductive Clear Iridite on Aluminum, Clear Chromate Zinc Plating on Cold Rolled Steel, Polyurethane Enamel

    The following figures show the NI PXIe-1082 chassis dimensions. The holes shown are for the installation of the optional rack mount kits. You can install those kits on the front or rear of the chassis, depending on which end of the chassis you want to face toward the front of the instrument cabinet. Notice that the front and rear chassis mounting holes (size M4) are symmetrical.

    Figure 1. NI PXIe-1082 Chassis Dimensions (Front and Side)
    Figure 2. NI PXIe-1082 Chassis Dimensions (Bottom)