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IVI Switch Path Nodes (G Dataflow)

    Last Modified: October 23, 2017

    Connects two channels by establishing the exact path you specify with the pathList parameter.
    In some cases there is more than one possible path between two channels. The driver or the instrument selects the path when you connect two channels with the IviSwtch Connect Channels Node. Thus, you cannot guarantee that every call to the IviSwtch Connect Channels Node establishes exactly the same path when you pass the same channels. This node returns a string that uniquely identifies the path you create with the IviSwtch Connect Channels Node. You can pass this string to the IviSwtch Set Path Node to establish the exact same path in the future. If no explicit path exists between the two specified channels, this function returns IVISWTCH_ERROR_NO_SUCH_PATH (0xBFFA2008). Note: (1) This node returns only those paths that you explicitly create by calling IviSwtch Connect Channels and IviSwtch Set Path nodes. For example, if you connect channels CH1 and CH3, and then channels CH2 and CH3, the explicit path between channels CH1 and Ch2 does not exist and this node returns an error.

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