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Configuring Address Groups to an Alarm Rule Level

Last Modified: May 11, 2020

Maintain lists of email addresses to which you can send alarm notifications.

Complete the following steps to create a new address group and assign an address group and email template to an alarm rule.

  1. Click the Navigation menu »Options and in the Notifications section, select Address Groups.
  2. Click the Selected Group pull-down and select Default.
  3. Click the Add button in the To: email address section and add the addresses you need.
  4. Click OK in the Add Addresses dialog box, and click OK in the Options dialog box.
  5. Click the Navigation menu »Alarms»Trend Rules and double-click a rule.
  6. In the Edit Alarm Rule dialog box, double-click the alarm level for which you wish to receive an email notification.
  7. In the Trend Alarm Rule Level dialog box, enable the Send Email checkbox.
  8. Select the address group and email template that you want to assign to an alarm rule from their respective pull-downs.
  9. Click OK to save the email notification configuration to the alarm level.
  10. Confirm that an email notification has been configured to the intended alarm level in the Trend Alarm Rule dialog box.
  11. Click OK to save the configuration to the alarm rule.

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