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Hexadecimal Digit? (G Dataflow)

    Last Modified: December 12, 2016

    Returns TRUE if a value represents a hexadecimal digit ranging from 0 through 9, A through F, or a through f. Otherwise, this node returns FALSE.

    If the value is a string, this node uses the first character in the string. If the value is a number, this node interprets it as the ASCII value of a character. If the value is a floating-point number, this node rounds to the nearest integer.



    An input to this operation.

    This input supports scalar strings or numbers, clusters of strings or numbers, arrays of strings or numbers, and so on.



    Boolean result of the operation.

    This output assumes the same data type structure as char.

    Where This Node Can Run:

    Desktop OS: Windows

    FPGA: DAQExpress does not support FPGA devices

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