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Wiring Shortcuts

Last Modified: August 8, 2018

You can use the following set of shortcuts to help you create wires more efficiently.

Editor Command Shortcut Action
Remove Broken Wires Ctrl-B Delete all broken wires from the diagram.




Delete a wire you are in the process of creating.
Single-click wire Select one wire segment.
Double-click wire Select a wire branch.
Triple-click wire Select the entire wire.
Ctrl-click wire Create a new wire branch from an existing wire.
Single-click while wiring Tack down the wire segment and start a new wire segment.
Double-click while wiring End the wire without connecting it to a node.
Tap spacebar while wiring Switch the direction of a wire between horizontal and vertical.

Clean Up Diagram

Clean Up Selection

Ctrl-U Organize the diagram or the selected code to make it easier to understand.
Clean Up Wire Select Clean Up Wire from the shortcut menu Route a selected wire to decrease the number of bends in the wire and avoid crossing objects on the diagram.

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