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Manually Adding Hardware to the Live View

Last Modified: September 26, 2017

The Add Hardware dialog box lists the devices in your system that do not appear on the Live view automatically. You can use this dialog box to add devices manually and to resolve issues that prevent a device from appearing on the Live view.

Complete the following steps to add a device that does not appear automatically on the Live view.

  1. Open the Live view.
  2. On the document toolbar, click Add Hardware to open the Add Hardware dialog box.
  3. Add your device in one of the following ways.

    A device category only appears in the Add Hardware dialog box when a device in your system meets the criteria for the category.

    Device Category Instructions
    Network Resources Add directly from the Add Hardware dialog box and click Add.
    Missing SystemDesigner Support Install the SystemDesigner hardware plug-in for the device through NI Package Manager.
    Non-Discoverable Devices Use NI MAX to add the device to the Live view manually.
    Device with known IP address or hostname Click the Add hardware by address tab and enter the IP address or hostname of the device to which you want to connect and click Connect.

    If you install SystemDesigner support for a device, you may need to restart SystemDesigner before the device appears on the Live view.

  4. If the device requires login credentials, enter a valid password.
  5. Click Add and verify that the device appears on the Live view.

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