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Expansion Module for CompactRIO Manual

    Last Modified: February 24, 2020

    The Expansion Module for CompactRIO connects to the processor I/O (such as USB and Ethernet) of a controller to expand its functionality. These modules work with CompactRIO Controllers, Industrial Controllers, CompactRIO Single-Board Controllers, and PXI Controllers to expand the capabilities of the system, such as adding additional storage for saving more data. They feature the same rugged shock and vibration ratings as CompactRIO and can be mechanically connected to the controller for easy integration using mounting accessories.

    Finding Documentation for CompactRIO Expansion Module

    Use this table to find documentation for your module, including PDFs of the User Manual, Getting Started Guide, and Specifications.


    Understanding the Documentation for Your Model

    Use this reference to discover what documentation is available for your model and how you can use that documentation.

    Document Contents
    Getting Started Guide
    • Pinout
    • LED indications
    • Unpacking the kit
    • Installation and connection procedures
    • Configuration and formatting procedures
    User Manual
    • Dimensional drawings
    • Mounting configuration and requirements
    • Mounting procedures
    • Grounding procedures
    • Software
    • Ports and connections
    • Memory
    • Performance
    • Power requirements
    • Physical characteristics
    • Safety and environmental specifications
    Safety, Environmental, and Regulatory Information Regulatory compliance information for safety, environmental, EMC, and CE
    Dimensional Drawings 2D and 3D CAD drawings
    Product Certifications Information about regulatory standards and certifications met by the controller
    Letter of Volatility Specifications for volatile and non-volatile memory on the controller
    Model Documentation Pages

    Use the links in the Table of Contents on the left to access:

    • Pinouts
    • LED indications
    • Specifications

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