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Change Detection Event

    Last Modified: February 26, 2018

    The Change Detection Event is the signal generated when a change on the rising or falling edge lines is detected by the change detection task.

    Routing Change Detection Event to an Output Terminal

    You can route ChangeDetectionEvent to any output PFI terminal.

    Change Detection Acquisition

    You can configure lines on parallel digital modules to detect rising or falling edges. When one or more of these lines sees the edge specified for that line, the cRIO controller samples all the lines in the task. The rising and falling edge lines do not necessarily have to be in the task.

    Change detection acquisitions can only be buffered:
    • Buffered Change Detection Acquisition—A buffer is a temporary storage in computer memory for acquired samples. In a buffered acquisition, data is stored in the cRIO controller onboard FIFO then transferred to a PC buffer. Buffered acquisitions typically allow for much faster transfer rates than nonbuffered acquisitions because data accumulates and is transferred in blocks, rather than one sample at a time.

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