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Single Point (On-Demand) Edge Counting

    Last Modified: February 26, 2018

    With single point (on-demand) edge counting, the counter counts the number of edges on the Source input after the counter is armed. On-demand refers to the fact that software can read the counter contents at any time without disturbing the counting process. The following figure shows an example of single point edge counting.

    Figure 1. Single Point (On-Demand) Edge Counting

    You also can use a pause trigger to pause (or gate) the counter. When the pause trigger is active, the counter ignores edges on its Source input. When the pause trigger is inactive, the counter counts edges normally.

    You can route the pause trigger to the Gate input of the counter. You can configure the counter to pause counting when the pause trigger is high or when it is low. The following figure shows an example of on-demand edge counting with a pause trigger.

    Figure 2. Single Point (On-Demand) Edge Counting with Pause Trigger

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