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Counter n HW Arm Signal

    Last Modified: February 26, 2018

    The Counter n HW Arm signal enables a counter to begin an input or output function.

    To begin any counter input or output function, you must first enable, or arm, the counter. In some applications, such as a buffered edge count, the counter begins counting when it is armed. In other applications, such as single pulse-width measurement, the counter begins waiting for the Gate signal when it is armed. Counter output operations can use the arm signal in addition to a start trigger.

    Software can arm a counter or configure counters to be armed on a hardware signal. Software calls this hardware signal the Arm Start Trigger. Internally, software routes the Arm Start Trigger to the Counter n HW Arm input of the counter.

    Routing Signals to Counter n HW Arm Input

    Any of the following signals can be routed to the Counter n HW Arm input:
    • Any PFI terminal

    • AI Reference Trigger

    • AI Start Trigger

    • Analog Comparison Event

    • Change Detection Event

    A counter’s Internal Output can be routed to a different counter’s HW Arm.

    Some of these options may not be available in some driver software. Refer to the Device Routing in MAX topic in the NI-DAQmx Help or the LabVIEW Help for more information about available routing options.

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