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AO Sample Clock Timebase Signal

    Last Modified: August 30, 2018

    The AO Sample Clock Timebase signal is divided down to provide a source for AO Sample Clock. AO Sample Clock Timebase can be generated from external or internal sources, and is not available as an output from the controller.

    Delta-Sigma Modules

    The oversample clock is used as the AO Sample Clock Timebase. The cRIO controller supplies 10 MHz, 12.8 MHz, and 13.1072 MHz timebases. When delta-sigma modules with different oversample clock frequencies are used in an analog output task, the AO Sample Clock Timebase can use any of the available frequencies; by default, the fastest available is used. The update rate of all modules in the task is an integer divisor of the frequency of the AO Sample Clock Timebase.


    DSA modules do not support HWTSP mode.

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