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Mounting the Device on a Desktop

    Last Modified: October 29, 2018

    Complete the following steps to mount your cRIO-905x on a desktop.

    What to Use

    • cRIO-905x
    • Screwdriver, Phillips #1
    • Screwdriver, Phillips #2
    • Screwdriver, Torx T10
    • NI desktop mounting kit, 779473-01
      Figure 1. Components of the NI Desktop Mount Kit
      1. Desktop mounting brackets (x2)
      2. Adapter bracket
      3. M3 x 35 screws (x2)

    What to Do

    Complete the following steps to mount the cRIO-905x on a desktop.

    Figure 2. Mounting the 4-Slot cRIO-905x on a Desktop
    Figure 3. Mounting the 8-Slot cRIO-905x on a Desktop
    1. Use the Torx T10 screwdriver to remove the two screws from the back of the chassis on the controller side.
    2. Use the #1 Phillips screwdriver and the two M3 x 35 screws to attach the adapter bracket to the chassis.
    3. Align the desktop mounting brackets with the mounting holes at the end of the chassis and on the adapter bracket.
    4. Use a #2 Phillips screwdriver to tighten the captive screw on the end bracket.

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